NiciArt gets a Facelift for the Holidays

NiciArt gets a Facelift for the Holidays

With the holiday shopping madness in full swing, we decided to give our beloved old-school style template, the Supply Theme, a facelift thereby eliminating the sideways scrolling menus, pop ups, and drop downs which make navigation an exercise in finger gymnastics. Our new responsive theme features a simple organized structure of menu options and emphasizes "click and go."

As the shop designer and resident engineer, practicality usually supersedes aesthetics, so this revised organization of products into nice neat categories represents a bit of painful mental wrangling. Our studio captures more the work flow of a hardware aisle, where we know exactly where to find each tool located in perfectly labelled bins, however a visitor would probably feel overwhelmed and ask us to page the customer service rep for the department. Stepping back from our organized chaos and thinking about a retail shop, the customer does not enter through the front door and immediately find themselves looking at screws and nails rather at first glance, that shopper sees rows or aisle with categories such as hardware, plumbing, gardening, and lightening. Our new shop design aims to capture the same organization with simple photos and category labels instead of endless scrolling through a homepage littered with hundreds of items.

We are very excited with the new approach, the fresh layout, and clean modern template, however, we always welcome feedback and improvements.

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