copper buttons for my Mama

c6 c7 c8 c9   Today I made some buttons for my mom . It never occurred to me to make her some even though she always needs some for one project or another . She loves to sew , knit and crochet . But today I remembered the button box she had when I was a little girl . Ach gosh I loved that box . It was built like a treasure box filled with many many different kind of buttons in all shapes and colors . There were bright red ones that were large and had a nice feel to it and small ones shaped like flowers that were very delicate looking . I used to arrange them on the floor and ” paint ” pictures with them , faces and flowers , clouds and suns.. I remember the old copper ones the most . They were scratched and dark from aged patina . I loved picking them up and running my fingers over the cool metal . I also remember the smell of them .. copper ..metallic … comforting . I spend hours sometimes sitting on the floor sorting through them . So I called her via Skype and asked her if she still remembers that box and she does , she still has a lot of those buttons and that little treasure box to go with . I will be sending her the buttons tomorrow to be put in the box and maybe someday her grandkids will be as fascinated by that treasure as I was .   c c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6     again you can check out my shop at
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