Cyber Monday Beating

Well, it looks like everyone wait until the last minute this year to do their Christmas and holiday shopping. On Etsy, the orders have been rolling in 5 and 10 minute intervals and NiciArt is also grabbing a piece of the pie. As I've been posting in the Etsy forums over and over again, the holiday season isn't over until it's over and jumping to the conclusion this Christmas season is a bust on Thanksgiving is about as silly as calling a game lost in the first inning. Cyber Monday means bringing the folks back to work from their peaceful retirement and having all hands on deck for packing, shipping, polishing, cutting or simply running off to the post office. This sudden rush and fury of orders after a long dry spell reminds me of those National Geographic Videos with the animals of the Kalahri Desert running through pools of water as the monsoon rains turns the desert from brown to green. We are keeping today's entry brief as work is calling and so are the customers
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