etch a sketch or how to etch copper

etch etch1 Take a piece of copper - I used a 1 x1 inch square . Seal the back with nail polish or lacquer and wait until dry. etch2 etch3 After the polish is dry , clean your copper thoroughly with alcohol and q-tips . Do not touch again . I use gloves after the cleaning part. Take a Sharpie and draw whatever you like- have some fun !!! Wait until dry and trace again with the sharpie . etch4 etch5 take a glass container or an old plastic cup and pour a bit of your etching mordant . Be careful not to splash . Wear gloves and an apron . NEVER ever touch the mordant . Carefully place your copper drawing site up inside your container , make sure its covered fully . I don't dilute but you can . I am just not patient enough . Wait about 3 hours and then take out with either some gloves or a plastic pincher. Put in another container with baking soda to neutralize the acid . Then rinse and dry. etch6 etch7 start polishing to get it nice and smooth . Or use steel wool . etch8 etch9 add patina and polish again. Punch a hole and add jump rings or split rings and make it into a keychain or a pendant . etch10 etch11 etch12 etch13
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