Etsy Seller Advisory Board

Well it's official. Etsy selected their 15 seller advisory board members for 2016, and I'm one of those headed to Brooklyn in March 2016. Oddly, I am actually extremely nervous and wound up although extremely delighted to have the opportunity to be in attendance. Over the past year, I have become acquainted with so many sellers through the Etsy forums, given so much feedback, and received endless congratulation convos and mails that I really do not wish to disappoint. My own personal struggles aside, the past 18 months have not exactly been easy for many of us in e-commerce and the fight continues in 2016 with somewhat sluggish sales though I'll admit a blizzard, election year, and crazy ride on the Dow Jones roller coaster isn't exactly quelling consumer anxiety. All and all, I can only go and try my absolute best to have a voice that will be heard, respected, and hopefully be influential enough to contribute some ideas that bring about positive changes to Etsy. I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone at Etsy as well as heading back to NJ for a few days and catching up with old friends. Etsy Seller Advisory Board Announcement “In October, we launched a variety of new community initiatives to build upon the existing channels that foster conversation between Etsy and our global community. At that time, we also began accepting applications for the Seller Advisory Board with the goal of bringing together a group of sellers to provide input about the challenges you face as small business owners and play a key role in shaping the way future decisions are made. Since then, we received more than 600 thoughtful and inspiring applications, which a team of Etsy Admin reviewed over the course of several weeks. Now, we are excited to report that we have selected 15 sellers to be a part of the 2016 Seller Advisory Board. We selected these sellers based on their commitment to the Etsy community as a whole and the valuable perspectives they provide as small business owners. They will work closely with us throughout the year to gather feedback from the community and provide insight on how we can help sellers succeed….”
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