Fun with Tellurium

With the storm clouds still hovering over Scottsdale Arizona and temperatures barely getting above 50F,   IMAG0225 we decided to have a little fun with the element Tellurium. Number 52 on the periodic table, Tellurium is one of the rarer elements on earth and sits in that mysterious category of metaloids on the Periodic Table of the elements. TE Tellurium combined with hydrochloric acid is often used to darken sterling silver and then brushed to create rustic finishes. Today, we decided to skip the brush and just leave a solid sterling silver bracelet black much like the stormy skies. After searching Etsy for a while and not finding anything remotely similar to this bracelet we happily listed it in Etsy. il_570xn-897928719_gki6 Tomorrow, I'll be sure to list the bracelet on my websites and on Wanelo. The rest of the day, I experimented with Quora for promoting our business by simply creating a biography page and answering Etsy related questions. Sadly, Etsy has a rather small presence on Quora and I didn't stumble across any familiar faces from the Etsy forums or any promotional efforts from Etsy staff, proving once again, Etsians rarely venue outside of their comfort zones. We also managed to receive a last minute order for collar stays that needed to be stamped and overnighted with Fedex for an early morning arrival today in California. The buyer reported trying 10 different Etsy sellers and no one was willing to accept her rushed order. Of course, 2 hours isn't exactly a lot of time, however with so many low sales and views threads, you would think that sellers would have jumped on the opportunity to receive even a little business. Stranger still, there are endless threads discussing arguing against Etsy's direct check out vs Paypal, because direct checkout delivers weekly payment transfers which is apparently too long of a wait period. The lack of flexibility leaves me to wonder how such attitudes might play out in the business world beyond the comfort zone of Etsyland. Sometimes you really have to get off your butt and get outside your comfort zone if you want to find success.
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