Going Triangular

With the roll out of our new triangular guitar picks for bassists and guitarists, we are feeling optimistic for an interesting year in 2016. By now most people in the Etsy forums are well aware of my bearish sentiments for at least the first 2 quarters of 2016 if not for the entire year, yet keeping those sentiments in check with the reminder that all cycles have their run and do eventually come to an end as wells as having renewed enthusiasm fostered by being on the Etsy Advisory Board and returning to our roots in the guitar picks is just enough to counter the negativity and instead inspire creativity. Nici's Picks had its first $100.00+ day yesterday with 11 guitar picks sold. Of course in the e-commerce world where billions of dollars change hand everyday, Nici's Picks is truly insignificant, however for a new website in its first 6 weeks of business, having over 50 sales total is a gosh darn good start especially keeping in mind in our first 2 years of Etsy, we only had 50 sales total, I am actually elated to see almost daily sales on a brand new Shopify site. Looking back, I clearly remember hoping one day we might have our own website and 1000 Etsy sales. Seeing those 33,000 sales today in Etsy as well as 250 views already for Nici's Picks is clearly a reminder of just how far we have come on this e-commerce adventure. Our triangular guitar pick design is our first foray into bass guitar picks and expanding our line to include additional pick shapes to suit almost any playing style. While I'm certainly not an expert, I feel like the triangular pick in our custom size inspires a bit more of an aggressive angle of attack. Unfortunately, I don't have a bass on hand to try it out and am stuck with a typical 5 string with Dark Star pick-ups that have a great massive sound but perhaps muddy the fullness and bright tones of the metal pick. We are of course open to input from musicians and currently in search of talented guitarists to try out some of our picks and perhaps create a promotional clip for us. The plan is to offer up a few free picks from time to time and do a few give aways in return for creative input. Anyway, here are a few of our latest triangular guitar picks from Nici's Picks. [caption id="attachment_852" align="alignnone" width="1724"]niciart_I_pick_you_triangle_bronze_guitar_pick_3 New Take on one of our all time Best Selling Picks[/caption] For someone who really knows how to get down and dirty with their guitar, our rough plucker triangular pick was handcrafted to pluck all night niciart_rough_plucker_triangle_guitar_pick_3   Our next line is going to focus a bit more on Jazz and will be rolling out over the next few days.
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