knuckle ring with butterfly

a6 a7 a8 a9 a10   Today another easy an fun project – a knuckle ring . Knuckle rings are to be worn – like the name suggests – above the knuckle . I have several that i wear daily , I prefer to have mine on my middle fingers on both hands . They are comfy and are adjustable so very easy to make . Knuckle rings are the same size usually as toe rings or pinky rings an have an open back ( to adjust them easy ) a a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6   cut a 45-47 mm long piece from sterling silver flat wire ( i use 3mm by 1 mm thick wire that i get from . The wire is perfect for toe rings and small ring shanks and I use a lot of it . Cut your butterfly out with a jewelry saw and 1/0 blades from your metal sheet ( i used 20 gauge here ) . File the edges of your wire strip and of the butterfly so that everything is smooth and wearable . Form your wire on a ring mandrel ( size 3 is usually a good size ) . I used a dapping block to dome the butterfly to make it more organic looking but if you prefer you can keep it flat . Solder your butterfly to the ring shank . Quench in water and then clean in pickle solution . After your ring is clean take your flex shaft and polish your ring . Done . Now you can wear your little knuckle ring proudly on any finger ( remember because we did not solder the ends together the ring is totally adjustable .   if you are interested
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