Nici's Picks Incorporates

On Monday, Nici's Picks incorporated and is now Nici's Picks LLC, a company dedicated to just custom and personalized guitar picks. Unfortunately, with the Etsy Seller Advisory Board Meeting on my mind and tsunami of convos, the celebration is going to be cut short and champaign will have to remain corked until the summer when business slows down a bit. We are planning on releasing a line of wooden guitar picks as well as musician specific picks, where we leave off the engraving and create basic plain guitar picks with just a simple designs and of course the NiciArt Logo. These picks will be lower priced since there will be no engraving and will focus solely on the playing experience Now we just need to release the 32 hour day, so that we can work 24 hours and still get 8 hours of sleep. Both Nici and I think the concept will catch on and is sure to be hit with many small business owners who just can't seem to get everything done in the current 24 hour day. Additionally, it looks like we are going to drive out to New York for the Etsy Meetings and turn the cross country trip into a badly need vacation. I'm thinking the route would include a stop in Cottonwood, AZ, Durango, CO, Wolf Pass, CO, Denver, and then really make some time across Kansas and the Midwest. Actually, Kansas can be quite beautiful with the big summer sun setting over a field of corn and the sky that goes on miles in all directions, however as a mountain biker and mountain man, Kansas and the Midwest just aren't inspiring like Moab or Colorado.
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