Running a Business

If you are relying on your business, then you cannot ever be slow. If you are slow and sitting around awaiting sales, then there is something terribly wrong with your work ethic or work philosophy. There is no such thing as a slow day. Now, there are days where sales are slow as in any business of course. On those days or even weeks, you need to get out there and promote, create new items, blog, and remain focused at all times. Running a small business is very different than leaving an office at 5:00pm. A paycheck is simply money and rarely ever a passion, a dream, or an accomplishment. Growing and working on your business is an extension of yourself and testament to your resolve to be successful. There simply is no place to loose motivation or feel sorry for yourself when times are tough. This resolve is hard-wired through evolution. Your ancestors had to go hunt and gather in the rain, cold, snow, and heat just to survive. The daily monotony and drudgery of waking up and sitting in a cubical completely uninspired and devoid of any creative spark has become so common place that we have forgotten about our drive, passion, will, and instincts to survive in the face of adversity. Running a business is something you just do instinctively. When I feel discouraged, I think about all those single parents raising 2+ kids, working 2 jobs, going to night school, and still spend quality time with their families. Too many people forget to define success or loose themselves in rampant consumerism to drown out their unhappiness or fear of taking the road less travelled. Maintaining perspective is also a key to your success. What do you really need besides food and shelter? A new car? A new flat screen TV? Are material items worth compromising your goals, your drive, and your passions? How much money do you need to be happy? Once you think about perspective, define happiness, and realize the drive within, you will have already taken 50% of the journey. The rest is easy.
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