sterling silver cat pendant

little cat pendant

little cat pendant
made from 18 gauge sterling silver

Draw out the shape of a cat onto paper

this cat was pretty easy to draw as I had drawn a similar shape before and for some reason I can draw faster the second time, I added a little heart :)

stick your paper to your metal

start cutting with your jewelry hand saw and 1/0 saw blades

drill or punch out some holes for the eyes I use a swanstrom hole punch pliers ,one of my most used tools

peel of the paper and start polishing

If you do not have a machine you can always use steel wool for a satin finish or some fine sand paper

my mom wears her " floating " heart a lot that I made her so I did not add a jumpring

I carefully bend down the tail so there is only a tiny gap and just fed the chain through the tail so that the cat is " floating " as well, please check out my store at
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