Survived Christmas

Amazingly, we managed to survive Christmas again this year and are still somewhat dazed by the whirlwind that ripped through our tiny studio. Once proud to be one of Etsy's largest small two person shops, fielding thousand of orders this holiday season was a humbling experience and our lesson was clearly learned, we can no longer continue without embracing growth. Though a vacation would be the perfect prescription at the moment, we have Valentine's Day looming on the horizon and have to quickly shift gears, list new items, promote, and get ready for one more round. One of the greatest surprises this holiday season was our new Nici's Picks website which turned out to be a huge hit on Wanelo. Nici and I always loved those guitar picks and ever since we were booted from guitar pick category by Etsy's awful "de-clumping" practice, there has been an odd emptiness in our business. Restoring Nici as the reigning guitar pick queen really brightened up our holiday season. Here's one of our latest picks for Valentine's Day niciart_be_my_plucking_valentine_brass_pick_3 Over the next week, we will be rolling out a whole new line of fun guitar picks and getting ready to once again take Etsy by storm.   As far as Etsy is concerned, I've managed to find a place for Etsy and accept the site for what it really is, another sales channel. I would have really loved to have grown with Etsy and continued to see my business flourish for years, however I no longer see Etsy as the only outlet for my success. Taking a step back from Etsy has really brought me to the point where I am enjoying the site and adjusting my expectations accordingly. Etsy brought us one really amazing Christmas once again this year and managed to erase many of those uneasy sentiments regarding the company. Also receiving a call from Robert at Etsy and discussing our possible future as one of Etsy's advisory board shops for 2016 as left me feeling generally upbeat and positive. Strangely, 2016 will be the hardest year we have ever faced, yet I'm feeling strong and really positive that we will really come together as a business this year. After years of feeling negative, this new positive energy is quite inspirational and refreshing.
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