Collection: Toe Rings

Toedally Fantastic Art for your Toes

An old friend once said, "feet  need help" and so NiciArt answered that cry for help with a full collection of toe rings handcrafted from sterling silver and 14k gold. Our designs range from intricate patterns, hammered textures, and twisted wires to personalized toe rings featuring custom messages. Toe Rings are especially fun since they defy pigeon-holing by fashion experts and generally transcend the "where" and "when" in all senses of defining their connection to any particular occasion. A toe ring could embody some form of deeper meaning or simply be a fashion accessory. Whether you are looking to dress up your toes for a barefoot wedding, day at the beach, or would simply like to wrap a ring around a toe for no reason at all, we have endless options and can create a toedally custom design for you.

footprint in sand