Custom Pancake Die Cutting

Why our dies are unique

After years of perfecting our pancake dies for producing custom blanks and our guitar picks, we have refined the process to an Art. Beginning with 3/32 Type O Tungsten Tool Steel, our dies press cleaner, require less deburring, and outlast most other hardened steel dies. Unlike a laser cut die, our extremely fine precision saw reduces kerf width by up to 5 microns compared to most modern lasers, allowing non-ferrous metals to be sheared directly along the intended plane rather than yielding and deforming before failure.

pancake die making



What will our dies cut?

Our dies successfully shear:

  • Copper 22-16 gauge
  • Brass 22-20 gauge
  • Bronze 22-20 gauge
  • Sterling Silver 22-16 gauge
  • Aluminum (1000, 3000, 5000, 6000 series) 22-16 gauge

While pressing thicker non-ferrous metals is possible in limited runs, the die life will be drastically shortened.

Blanks with Artisan Flair and Character

Producing our own blanking dies in house balances the requirements for precision with the artisan appeal of handmade for small scale production.

butterfly blank


How to order your custom pancake die

  1. Send us the design you would like to have transferred to a blanking die
  2. Simple designs such as a butterfly, spirit bear, guitar pick, geometrical shapes, stars, moon... often work best in thicker metals
  3. Complex designs are also welcome
  4. Please let us know your exact requirements in as much detail as possible:
  • Press type and working pressure
  • Materials to be sheared
  • Dimensions for the blanks being sheared

We will then prepare a quote based on your requirements and design.

As always, we enjoy speaking to our customers over the phone and meeting new people, so calling us to discuss your pancake die requirements is encourage in order to provide you with best possible service. Our shop number is 575.737.8521 and we are in lovely Cave Creek, AZ on MST.