Collection: Bracelets

Free Spirited Artisan Cuff Bracelets

Our free spirited artisan cuff bracelets are handcrafted in bronze, sterling silver, 14k gold, and copper and feature eye catching geometries such as anticlastic curvature, half round, triangular, square, wide, and even square. By free-spirited, we mean goodbye to the rules and hello art. Melding elements of nature with the infinite feel of the vast plains, deserts, and mountains of the Southwest, these cuff bracelet offer boundless opportunities for customization and creative inspiration.

Our Handstamped Bracelets

Blending the character of handmade with creating a bold statement using words, our handstamped bracelets are available in almost every metal for you to personalize. Be loud. Be bold.

Our commitment to your Skin and the Environment

All of our products are always unleaded and nickel free. We make every effort to minimize waste, recycle, and order our materials only from green certified US based suppliers.