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14k solid Gold Wrap Ring with Forged Ends and Engraved Symbols aka Twist Ring, Bypass Ring

14k solid Gold Wrap Ring with Forged Ends and Engraved Symbols aka Twist Ring, Bypass Ring

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Fusing ultra-modern and an artisan handmade touch, this solid 14k gold wrap ring features ends that have been carefully forged to provide a unique spot for adding a personalized symbols or enjoying our choice of a heart and star.

 ►To personalize your ring, please enter your requests in the notes to seller section during check out. Each symbol is imprinted by striking a rod with the raised symbol using a hammer to create a deep impression in the metal. If we do not have your requested symbol, there’s a good chance we can order that symbol from a jewelry supply warehouse. In some cases, less common symbols and copyrighted materials are simply not available. Feel free to reach out to confirm availability or ideas anytime.

 ►Our production time on custom orders averages 1-5 business days during off peak times, however we gladly will try to accommodate rushed and same day order requests. If you place a rushed order or same day request, please contact us through a convo or give us a call, as orders can sometimes take a bit to show up on our “order page” and technology is a bit unruly from time to time.

 ► As shown, this wrap ring ships in a stock medium size that can be adjusted to fit many fingers, however as this is a handmade ring, you can order your ring in any size by simply noting your preferences in the notes to seller box.

 ► The ring measures about 3/4 inch in length, 2mm wide, and 1mm thick for a perfect balance between showing off the beauty of gold in a high quality design.

 ►Custom orders and special requests are always welcome.

 ►The ring was formed by hammering the thick sterling silver over a wooden bracelet mandrel with a nylon mallet and the edges along with the end tabs were slightly rounded for comfort and a classy appearance before hand polishing the half round surface with a series of increasing grit polishing cloths.

 ► Handcrafted and made in our Arizona Studio


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