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Artistic Leaf Copper Guitar Pick Uniquely Hammered and Imprinted

Artistic Leaf Copper Guitar Pick Uniquely Hammered and Imprinted

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Borrowing elements of the Rococo Movement namely asymmetrical designs, this copper guitar pick rocks out a vine theme that was produced by hammering the pick on a vine impression plate. Instead of rolling the impression with a mill, the hammering process adds a handmade touch with distinctive hammer strikes which create unique picks where no two designs are exactly the same in placement, pattern, and texture.

The base guitar pick is pressed from 17 gauge (1.15mm) thick semi-hard copper using our own custom guitar pick die. Measuring 1.3 inches long by 1.15 inches wide, this pick has a familiar geometry to a standard plastic guitar while still being my own personal design that has been perfected by working one on one with input from professional guitarists. Finally, the picks are polished smooth and given filed edges for a perfect glide.

Our picks do not ship with the black stand shown in the photos, however we do make custom and personalized guitar pick stands in all metals to match your guitar pick:

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