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Sterling Silver Money Clip with Bear Paw

Sterling Silver Money Clip with Bear Paw

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Handcrafted with artisan flair to awaken your wild side, this sterling silver money clip features a bear paw cut out that was sawed by hand using a jewelry saw and pierce/cut technique to create a unique statement for holding your money. Celebrating the majestic beauty and a revered symbol of strength and natural prowess, the bear paw serves as the focal point supported by a rustic brushed finish that reveals a warm silver glow in the background, while subtle yet classy details such as an upward curve on the spring portion of the clip, rounded corners, and filed edges complete the design with refined aesthetics.

Our money clips are custom cut from 20 gauge sterling silver and individually formed by hand around a wooden dowel, which leaves endless opportunities for customizations and incorporating your own design elements. After forming, the completed money clips measure about 2.1 inches long by 1.0 wide and can be engraved on the front and along the clip.


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