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Playable brass guitar pick with cross and roses

Playable brass guitar pick with cross and roses

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When the music calls for roses, this brass guitar pick rocks out a cross wrapped in roses to set the mood.

►Generally, these types of imprinted picks do not lend themselves to custom stamping, however feel free to contact us with any requests and we will try our best to accommodate your wishes.

►With filed edges and polished surfaces, these 20 gauge brass guitar picks are absolutely playable and measure about 1.3 inch long by 1.2 wide which is similar in size and geometry to many common plastic guitar picks, while still rocking out our very own in-house design.

►As gift a gift idea for anniversaries: copper 7th Anniversary, Bronze 8th Anniversary, Silver 25th anniversary, Aluminum 10th Anniversary. All our guitar picks are available in copper, bronze, brass, sterling silver, aluminum, and 14k gold with endless custom design possibilities.

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