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Let’s Pluck brass guitar pick

Let’s Pluck brass guitar pick

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When you are ready to just pluck without the warm-up or foreplay, this guitar pick was custom handcrafted and designed to convey a no non-sense message for the serious message in beautiful brass. The pick can also be personalized with your own messages, phrases, names, dates, or custom touches by entering your requests in the check out notes.

Designed on CAD by overlaying multiple picks and finding a well balanced average shape, the pick measures 1.3 inches long by 1.2 inches wide and is our unique design. The 20 gauge hard brass offers a comfortable thickness while allowing us to stamp on both the front and the back without the lettering punching through to the opposite side.

To create a perfectly playable guitar pick, the edges have been filed smooth and surfaces burnished for a slick glide across your metal strings. The lettering is hand stamped one letter at a time using a steel lettering kit and hammer to produce deep impressions which are then darkened using a pewter black patina for maximum legibility and contrast against the bright golden glow of brass.


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