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Jazz Style Teardrop Brass Guitar Pick with Sea Turtle

Jazz Style Teardrop Brass Guitar Pick with Sea Turtle

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Pumping out the jazz, this teardrop shaped guitar pick features a sea turtle stamped into our own artisan custom teardrop shaped pick that measures 1.28 inches long by 0.85 inch wide and glides along your metal strings with hand-filed edges and burnished surfaces.

Pressed one pick at a time from 20 gauge brass using our very own handmade tungsten steel die, the teardrop pick is .92 mm thick while the hand finishing processes blends artisan flair with musical perfection. The sea turtle was stamped by hand using steel lettering kit and hammer to create deep impressions in the aluminum before the applica

Also shown in this listing is one of our custom disc guitar pick stands in aluminum which are not included with the guitar pick, however you can order your disc stand in any metal with custom engraving from our guitar pick stand section


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