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Bronze feather shaped handcrafted cuff bracelet

Bronze feather shaped handcrafted cuff bracelet

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Handcrafted from a mix of simple elements, this bronze feather cuff bracelet blends a modern tapered shape, attractive asymmetry, and the rich golden glow of bronze with a stylized feather cut out that was sawed entirely freehand to emphasize the uniqueness of an individual feather to create a harmonious artistic fusion of simplicity for a complex statement of eye-catching beauty much like a natural feather.

Metal-smithed from scratch, the design took shape by cutting a band on 20 gauge bronze 1.25 inches wide on the widest side and tapering down to .25 inches at the very tip of the narrowest end. The feather was sawed using a very fine blade attached to a medium sized framed jewelry saw. By simply drilling a pilot hole, the blade was fed through the metal band, re-attached to the frame saw, and then the feather was carefully cut with delicate strokes around corners and edges to ensure a congruency and avoid interrupting the flow of artistic creativity with a broken blade. After cutting out the feather, the bracelet is gently shaped and hammered with a non-marring nylon mallet over a wooden bracelet mandrel. The final finish comprises of a directional hand polishing that preserves the natural grain structure of the bronze while revealing a mirror finish and radiant golden glow.

Since this is a fully custom bracelet, you may request your bracelet in any size with a personalized fit by entering your wrist size in the notes tobox or by contacting us to discuss sizing. To measure your wrist, simply use a flexible tape measure or wrap a string around your wrist and measure the length of string used with a flat measuring stick. As photographed and shown in this listing, the feather bracelet will fit an average medium sized wrist and measures about 6.5 inches in length. The bracelet can be tweaked in size by simply pushing the end tabs closer together or pulling them further apart, however in time frequent adjusting may cause the bracelet to loose its perfect shape, so I highly recommend ordering with a personalized fit. It is also possible to engrave words, names, numbers, and dates on the inside of the bracelet.


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