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Money Clip with cutout Guitar and Room to Personalize

Money Clip with cutout Guitar and Room to Personalize

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custom work

Handmade for starving musicians, a guitar shape was sawed out by hand with a small jewelry saw. Cut from 20 gauge bronze sheet metal as a flat band measuring 3.5 inches, the clip was folded in half and worked into shape over a cylindrical steel bar before rounding and smoothing the edges with an abrasive wheel so that there are no sharp corners to rip pockets or those freshly minted bills. Measuring 1.7 inches long by 1 inch wide, there is plenty of space available to personalize with engraved and stamped text or personalized touches by simply entering your special requests in the notes to seller section during check out. A low maintenance satin brushed finish brings out a warm golden glow with metallic sparkle.

Orders for custom money clips are always welcome. I can cut out almost any shape for any occasions ranging from Father's Day to a simple birthday in almost any metal.

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