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Bronze on copper handcrafted spirit bear bracelet

Bronze on copper handcrafted spirit bear bracelet

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Crafted to capture the spirit of southwest, this handmade copper cuff bracelet features a bronze spirit bear design influenced by Native American Art and Folklore. The bracelet was sawed by hand as a flat band from 18 gauge copper with a jewelry saw and two spirit bears were sawed entirely free form from 20 gauge bronze. Using an acetylene torch and sterling silver solder, the spirit bears were joined with the bracelet and I added a grooved pattern around the perimeter by hammering the imprint of a common screwdriver. The Zia Suns and half suns along the rounded end tabs and center combined with rough chased arrows on the spirit bears energize the design with aura of the southern deserts, that is also repeated in the golden glow of the bronze and reddish hues of the copper. A dark patina was brushed into the grooves and around the spirit bears to produce a shadow effect that forms a transition between the two metals, while contributing depth to the design. Any rough edges were filed smooth by hand and I gently burnished the bracelet with a wire brush to reveal the metallic radiance of both metals. Searching for a more uniform appearance without the scratches of the metal brushes, I then polished the bracelet by hand with a series of abrasive cloths.

The bracelet measures 6 inches long by 1.5 inches wide and can be bent to fit smaller and larger wrists, however such a unique artist bracelet really deserves a proper personalized fit. Simple enter your wrist circumference or bracelet size in the notes to seller and I will craft your bracelet with perfect fit. The bracelet will also receive a handmade stamp and my initials as the original artist. It is also possible to engrave the back with a very simple message. If you would like any simple design changes such as wolves instead of bears or a sun and moon, you can simply enter your special requests in the notes to seller section. Of course, I also welcome full custom orders. 

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