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Sterling silver survivor cuff bracelet for cancer awareness

Sterling silver survivor cuff bracelet for cancer awareness

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Fu @% cancer sterling silver cuff bracelet with the ck symbolized by the cancer ribbon .

handmade silver bracelet for cancer awareness or for somebody that is fighting .

Celebrating the strength and determination of the human spirit to endure and triumph over adversity, this bracelet specifically honors a personal triumph or the start of a long battle to overcome cancer. For these special moments, when eloquence fails to capture the emotions, I have just one simple phrase, “Fu#k Cancer.”

Such a bold statement as F#ck Cancer deserves a sleek yet classy bracelet that emphasizes strength, endurance, and elegance, therefore we chose a thick 2 mm wire to hold the bracelet form even after repeated wearing. F#ck Cancer was stamped one letter at a time using a steel lettering kit and hammer to create deep impressions in the silver that we darken with black patina for maximum contrast to deliver your message with unmistakable clarity. Finally, the perfect mirror finish reflects your image so you will not forget the face of a cancer survivor.

The bracelet measures 5mm wide by 2mm thick and can be ordered in any length to accommodate larger or smaller wrists. As photographed in this listing, the bracelet measures 6 inches long with a 1 inch gap and will comfortably fit a medium sized wrist.

can be ordered for any wrist size

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