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Copper cuff bracelet imprinted with Native American Handmade Metal Stamps

Copper cuff bracelet imprinted with Native American Handmade Metal Stamps

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Handcrafted using handmade Native American Metal Stamps, this copper cuff bracelet truly ventures into the realm of free spirited artisan inspiration with all elements characterized by the unmistakable rustic and rugged allure of crafting as a centerpiece of the art to an extent that actually supercedes the importance of the final piece in our opinion.

Purchased directly from a Navajo Metal Stamp Crafter, these unique metal stamps were carved by entirely by hand from rebar and railroad tie to imprint precious metals with design patterns. Each single design element making up the pattern represents a single strike of the metal stamp with a hammer to create an impression deep in the flat bracelet band. After completion of the imprinted design, the band is shaped into a bracelet by tapping over a wooden mandrel using a nylon mallet. Finished with a series of polishing cloths after the application of the black patina to darken the grooves, the copper brought to near mirror finish.

As photographed, the bracelet accommodates a medium wrist and measures 10 mm wide x 2 mm thick. Small adjustments in sizing can be made by bending to open and close the gap or you can order your bracelet with a custom fit by simply indicating your wrist or bracelet size in the check out notes.


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