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Copper winged guitar necklace

Copper winged guitar necklace

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Rocking out a guitar with soaring musical inspiration, this handmade sterling silver winged guitar pendant artistically captures the rush of layered waves and the rush of adrenaline as a the ears are engulfed in a sea of sound.

The wings and guitar were sawed as one continuous form by hand from 18 gauge sterling silver using a fine jewelry saw and a small heart cut out is dedicated to the passion and love of music that ignites creative composition. To complete the finer details, the strings, fretts, swirls, and dots were hammered out with engraving tools, before darkening the wings tips and engravings with a grey a patina for enhanced depth and shadow. The copper was then burnished to reveal a warm glow with the rich tones of a freshly minted penny.

Measuring approximately 1.5 inches long and wide, this pendant is a comfortable size for everyday wear and comes with stainless steel ball chain that was selected for its high strength and durability. Since this is a custom guitar pendant, the options are limitless for personalizations such as band names, initials on the reverse side, or any other custom designs.

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