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Guitar pick necklace with swirling waves in copper

Guitar pick necklace with swirling waves in copper

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My swirling waves of sound copper guitar pick is now available as a pendant cut from 18 gauge copper and hammered by hand on a swirling patterned steel block to replicate the motion and feel of swirling sound waves. The guitar pick has hand filed edges and polished surfaces for a smooth glide should you ever find yourself pickless and alone with your guitar. Copper guitar picks offer a solid feel, rigid form, metallic tone, and are aesthetically pleasing with the colorful glow of metallic hues and shines. This amazing pick is also available as a key chain with lock ring.

The pick measures 1.3 inches long by 1.2 inches wide, is my own unique design and geometry, is very similar enough in size to a plastic guitar pick, and ships with a matching copper ball chain, however I also have black Greek leather cords and silver colored nickel plated ball chains.


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