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Copper Guitar Pick with Non-Slip Surface

Copper Guitar Pick with Non-Slip Surface

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Taking an aggressive approach to our shark fin picks, this copper shark fin guitar pick answers the requests for a non-slip surface while inspiring endless creativity with a wavy edge for scraping, along with hand-filed edges and burnished surfaces for a smooth glide. The pick began as a basic triangular that we slowly tweaked to perfection on CAD and cut entirely by hand in a custom die as our own special design with artisan flair. Introducing yet another oddity, the pick is very subtly dapped and domed with a very slight upward slope on the bottom.

Uniquely cut into our handmade tungsten steel die, we sawed the wavy edge using an ultra fine fret saw while the dimensions 1.15 inches long by 1.15 inches wide provide a geometry similar enough to many plastic picks in order to facilitate any easy transition from boring plastic to metal guitar picks. As shown, this pick is cut in 17 gauge copper (1.15 mm) to balance weight, thickness, and dexterity for a mix of playing styles. Finally the dimples were imprinted deep in the pick with a hammer and chasing tool.
Also shown in this listing is one of our custom disc guitar pick stands in aluminum which are not included with the guitar pick, however you can order your disc stand in any metal with custom engraving from our guitar pick stand section:

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