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Copper guitar pick with sea turtle

Copper guitar pick with sea turtle

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custom work

This copper guitar pick was custom cut from hard 17 gauge copper and stamped with a sea turtle and flowers. With smoothed the edges and our signature burnished finish that preserves the grain structure and adds warm brush strokes and rich hues while still creating a slick surface for a smooth glide. After applying a pewter black patina to the turtle and flowers, the pick is lightly uni-directionally brushed and then buffed smooth.

Measuring 1.3 inches long by 1.2 inches wide, this pick is similar in size to a standard plastic pick. Copper guitar picks are rigid, strong, have a very solid feel, and produce a unique metallic ring on metal strings.

Our picks do not ship with the black stand shown in the photos, however we do make custom and personalized guitar pick stands in all metals to match your guitar pick:

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