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Heart Shaped Hammered Copper Dangle Earrings for Love

Heart Shaped Hammered Copper Dangle Earrings for Love

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These copper hammered heart earrings are perfect for mothers day and were hand sawed from 18 gauge copper with a 56 tip jewelry saw and feature a stunning dimpled texture and striking curved heart shape, that was created by hammering the hearts in a dabbing block. Curvature transforms direct light into a natural display of highlights and shadows, while also adding character, depth, and dimension to the earrings. While these earrings make a perfect mothers day gift, their love filled dangle is perfect throughout the year on any day or occasion.

The Heart Earrings are approx 1 inch long, 1/2 inch wide and come with hypoallergenic ear wires that do not contain any Nickel or Lead.

Custom orders are happily accepted and I will work with you to create those perfect earrings.

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