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Sterling Silver Anchor Cuff Links

Sterling Silver Anchor Cuff Links

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Designed with a nautical anchor theme, these sterling silver anchor cuff links feature custom shields that were sawed freehand from 18 gauge sterling silver using a jewelry saw and form the backing for my hand sawed sterling silver anchors. The anchors were joined to the shields with sterling silver solder and an acetylene torch, before chasing the grooved pattern along the edges and carefully doming the shield on a steel dapping block to create a more interesting surface that contributes character, dimension, and natural highlights as light reflects off the curved surface.

These unique handmade sterling silver cuff links will add a classy touch with the vibrant metallic glow of brushed sterling silver, original shield and nautical anchor design, pure sterling silver torpedo links instead of typical plated links, and a strong soldered joint between the torpedo links and discs in place of adhesives. A hand brushed satin finish add even more handmade appeal which cannot be replicated by any mass finishing process. 

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