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Sterling silver butterfly dainty necklace with Green Peridot or custom stones

Sterling silver butterfly dainty necklace with Green Peridot or custom stones

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Emphasizing dainty and elegance, this sterling silver butterfly charm was handcrafted for the free spirit not only as a symbol of freely exploring and being driven about to explore at the whim of the breeze but also celebrating the transition and metamorphosis of the soul shaped by life's adventures. While the Peridot has its own symbolic and meaning to crystal enthusiasts, astrologers, and is birthstone for the month of August, our reason for choosing in this example was to focus on “green” of summer and peak of summer adventure.

Since this charm pendant is made for each customer at the time of order, any birthstone can be custom ordered to personalize your butterfly. The birthstones are:

January – Garnet – Reddish to deep red stone
February – Amethyst – Purple Stone
March – Aquamarine – Light blue stone
April – Diamond
May- Emerald – Middle Green
June – Alexandrite - Light blueish purple
July – The ruby
August – Peridot
September – Sapphire – Deep blue
October – Pink Tourmaline – Pink
November – Topaz – Dark orange yellow
December – Zircon – Middle to light sky blue

Given the difference in pricing according to size, grading, and type, I am unable to provide a simple drop down menu for you to make a selection. Some people don't mind a lab grown ruby while others are adamant about being able to select a AAA naturally harvested ruby in a 4mm size. Some customers are also quite specific as to their preferred stone settings. We generally craft with full bezel cups and shy away from basket styled cups. Sure those baskets look sexy on day one, but the stones are not especially secure and I have lost stones on my personal jewelry.

To actually see examples of each stone, please visit the American Gem Society:

The butterfly design measures about 1 inch from wing tip to wing tip and was drawn freehand on a thick sheet of 18 gauge sterling silver. Then using a fine blade jewelry saw, the butterfly was cut out using utmost care to follow the rounded corners and outlines. Since even the best jeweller will leave some jagged edges, so all edges have been rounded and filed smooth for a flawless contour. Some chased and engraved details have been added to the butterfly and darkened with a light grey patina. In this example, we chose a 3mm peridot that was added by first soldering the bezel cup to the butterfly using a Hydroflux welder and then setting the stone as the final step. Setting a stone prematurely before finish a piece will often times result in scratching or damaging of the stone. This includes a solid sterling silver chain that matches the solid sterling silver butterfly.


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