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Peace Dove Sterling Silver Necklace

Peace Dove Sterling Silver Necklace

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In these times of division, subdivision, polarization, and constant transmission of hate, scorn, and ridicule, now more than ever we need to spread peace and love, which is why I handcrafted this sterling silver Dove of Peace with a complex olive branch design to bring unity, love, and peace.

►The Dove measures approximately 1.5 inch long and has been cut free-form by hand using a fine fret saw from 18 gauge 925 sterling silver. The inner details were produced by a straightforward piece and cut technique followed by precision cutting with the fine saw. As a finish, we have chosen a brushed and burnished surface treatment for greater durability than a mirror finish.

►Matching the silver glow of the Dove, we have decided to include a solid 925 sterling silver link chain, however we also have black leather cords and ball chains available depending on personal tastes.

►Since each Dove is handcrafted individually, we can accept requests for personalized designs or even stamped text such as “Peace and Love.” If your ideas are relatively simple, please don’t hesitate to enter your requests in the personalizations box.

►Custom orders and requests are always welcome.


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