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Flaming Sterling Silver Sun on Copper Medallion Necklace

Flaming Sterling Silver Sun on Copper Medallion Necklace

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Melding 925 sterling silver and natural copper for a mixed medley of shine, this necklace captures its solar energy with a handmade flaming sun cut freehand from a sterling silver sheet and sweat soldered to a copper medallion.

► The natural copper medallion measures approximately 1.125 inches in diameter and hangs from an 18 inch sterling silver link chain. For a bolder statement or more rustic style, we also offer black leather cords with slip knots.

►To personalize your medallion with engraving on the backside such as names and dates for those creative gift ideas, simply enter your requests in the personalized options notes.

►The necklace was handmade by sawing the sun design from a 1 mm (18 gauge) gauge sterling silver sheet using a very fine fret saw along with hand power and pressing the medallion disc from a 17 gauge copper sheet. We sweat soldered the sun using an acetylene torch and sterling silver solder before applying a dark patina for a shadow effect. Extensive polishing allows the outlines along with transitional boundaries to remain dark thereby contributing dimension to the design. The finer details were produced by hammering chasing tools.

►We also welcome custom orders and can create similar medallions with any personalized themes or stones


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