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Guitar Pick Necklace Set stamped with Wanna Pluck

Guitar Pick Necklace Set stamped with Wanna Pluck

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Rocking out a custom brass guitar pick handstamped with Wanna Pluck, this guitar pick necklace set features a black guitar pick holder necklace by PickBandz in surgical grade silicon as a unique option for holding and displaying your custom and personalized guitar picks.

We met PickBandz at the 2016 NAMM Music Tradeshow in Nashville, TN and were extremely impressed by the possibilities of combining our handmade picks with their durable, functional, and non-toxic necklaces, keychains, and bracelets. Most importantly though, the silicon does not leak contaminants or off-gas like leather and plastic holders that quickly tarnish our metal guitar picks.

While most plastic guitar picks are compatible with the PickBandz holders, our standard custom guitar picks are about 10% larger and will not fit these holders, therefor we simply use our standard supply pick design which is based on the average of several popular sized plastic picks in order to have a perfect match with the holder. These 1.22 inch by 1.03 inch guitar picks also provide a familiar and easy transition from plastic to metal picks and are available in 20 gauge: brass and bronze and 18 gauge: aluminum, sterling silver, and copper.

To personalize your Wanna Pluck brass guitar pick, please enter your requests in the check out notes. The PickBandz necklace are available in white, grey, black, red, yellow, orange, and pink and the fit can be adjusted by sliding the knot to lengthen or shorten the rope.


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