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Hammered copper on sterling silver arrowhead necklace

Hammered copper on sterling silver arrowhead necklace

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This hammered copper arrowhead was handmade from 18 gauge copper and sterling silver. I cut both the sterling silver and copper arrowhead forms from metal sheeting using a jewelry saw and soldered the two metal pieces together with a fine tipped acetylene torch. Using two different sized ball hammers, I created the hammered texture on the copper arrowhead and followed the edges of the silver arrowhead with a chasing tool. I hammered the arrowhead on a dapping block to create the curved shape which reflects light into a natural display of highlights and shadows, while also adding dimension to the pendant. My final step was applying a darkening patina to give the copper an aged appearance.

The pendant measures about 1 1/2 inches and comes with an adjustable leather cord, which can be lengthened or shorten by pulling the slip knots closer or farther apart.

Custom orders, special requests, or unique personal touches are always welcome.

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