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Sterling Silver Hammered Earrings

Sterling Silver Hammered Earrings

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Emphasizing the inherent beauty in minimalism, these sterling silver window earrings were custom cut in a classic square shape measuring 1 inch by 1 inch from an 18 gauge sterling silver sheet using a shear and the inner window was produced by punching a small pilot hole in the sterling silver, feeding a fine saw blade through hole, re-attaching the blade to a fret saw, and very carefully sawing out the window cut out without any undo or excessive pressure that could break the blade.

For sparkling highlights, the sterling silver has been hammered to produce a honey comb texture and squares domed by forming in a dapping block. Curved forms combine with hammered textures to
reflect light into brilliant rays of shimmer and distortion. The earrings dangle from hypoallergenic stainless steel wires.

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