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Giant Turquoise Stone with Leaf Motif Design on Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Giant Turquoise Stone with Leaf Motif Design on Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Developed around a turquoise stone focal point and tied together with a leaf motif, this wide sterling silver cuff embodies a nature theme melded with the timeless allure of handmade artisan crafting to capture the unmistakable uniqueness of traditional of silver-smithing. As each turquoise stone and the handsawed sterling silver elements will inevitably feature significant natural variation, every cuff bracelet will be a one of a kind artistic piece with endless opportunities for including your own custom and personalized elements such as patterns, themes, motifs, and gemstones.

Along with the leaves, the bracelet blank was sawed 1 inch wide by hand from a flat sheet of 18 gauge sterling silver using a fine jewelry saw and the elements including the 1 inch stone setting were fused together with sterling silver solder and an acetylene torch. Before setting the turquoise and finishing the silver, the bracelet was shaped over an ovular wooden mandrel by tapping with non-marking nylon mallets until perfectly formed for the corresponding wrist size.

Photographed in this listing is our 6 inch bracelet that will comfortably fit a medium sized wrist, however you can order your turquoise silver bracelet in any size by simply noting your wrist or bracelet size in the check out notes. Since each bracelet is handmade with a personalized fit at the time of order, please don’t hesitate to request your own designs and custom themes.

Special requests and custom orders are always welcome.

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