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Sterling Silver Om Shanti Ring Necklace

Sterling Silver Om Shanti Ring Necklace

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Inviting and bringing peace in all aspects of existence, this sterling silver ring necklace features the inspirational message “Om Shanti” followed by the Om symbol and polished to a near mirror finish for an unmistakable radiant silver shine and blending of distorted reflections off the curved surface to produce a harmonious mirage of illuminary images and light beams.

Hanging from a durable black leather cord, tied with adjustable slip knots the sterling silver ring base was handcrafted following the same general dimensions as many of our finger rings and was sheared 8 mm wide from a 18 gauge sterling silver as a flat band that is stamped by hammering a lettering kit to spell out Om Shanti with deep impressions before working the flat band into a semi round shape with a pliers, aligning the ends with great care and precision, joining the seams together using ductile sterling silver solder, and shaping to perfection with a nylon mallet. While rounding and filing the edges, the seam is also made nearly invisible by carefully filing smooth the soldered joint line.

Designed for both men and women, we have chosen the black leather cord as the most durable and flexible unisex option, however we are more than happy to swap out the leather cord with vegetarian options ranging from a dainty silver chain to coloured paracords. The inside of the ring can also be stamped or engraved with a name, date, or additional short text. Custom orders and special requests are always welcome

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