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Heart ring with sterling silver band and personalized heart

Heart ring with sterling silver band and personalized heart

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Personalize the heart on this sterling silver ring for your own handmade fashion statement or unique gift by simply entering your requests along with your ring size in the check out notes.

The ring band measures 3mm wide by 1 mm thick and the heart was cut .25 inch wide from 18 gauge sterling silver. After cutting the flat ring band, the band was hammered over a steel ring mandrel with a nylon mallet until the ends are perfectly aligned, permanently joined with sterling silver solder, and carefully filed by hand to create a nearly invisible seam. Finally the band was hammered into a perfect measured ring on a steel mandrel with size increments. Stamped by hand with n & r and darkened with a black patina, the heart was soldered to the sterling silver band to complete the ring. The polished finish is produced with a combination of hand burnishing followed by tumbling in both ceramic shot and walnut shell.


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