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Personalized Disc style Cuff Links in Sterling Silver

Personalized Disc style Cuff Links in Sterling Silver

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Illuminating your wedding day with the warm silver glow of brushed sterling silver, these Father of Bride cuff links celebrate your special day with a hand-stamped date, Father of the Bride, and limitless options for further personalization by simply entering your requests in the notes to seller box.

Pressed ¾ inch diameter from 18 gauge (1mm thick) sterling silver, the discs were stamped with Father of Bride along with a wedding date and fused to pure sterling silver torpedo style links using sterling silver solder and a 5000F hydrogen welder to ensure the strongest possible bond void of unnecessary oxidation and contamination which could cause premature separation. An earth metal black patina completes the design by darkening the stamping to maximize legibility and contrast against the bright metallic tones in the sterling silver. Chosen to minimize maintenance and disguise fingerprints, brushed finishes provide beauty and simplicity while emphasizing form and function, however we can gladly accommodate requests for finishes ranging from rustic hammered to ultra-shiny mirror polishes.

These cuff links are also available in bronze, brass, and copper with bronze torpedo links. Please don't hesitate contact me any time

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