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Ruler on Sterling Silver Money Clip

Ruler on Sterling Silver Money Clip

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Handcrafted to measure your stack, this ruler money clip holds your bills in one stylish statement that stands inches above the rest with unique hand-chased increment markers and numbering.

►To personalize your money clip, simply let us know your stamping requests in the personalizations box. We can stamp quotes, dates, numbers, or create custom designs.

► Measuring 2 inches long by 1 inch wide, our money clips are custom cut from 20 gauge US sourced copper as a flat bands on our precision shear, folded in half, worked into shape over a cylindrical steel bar entirely by hand and the corners rounded and edges filed so that there are no sharp corners to rip pockets or those freshly minted bills.

►Each increment marker on the ruler was imprinted by hammering a chasing tool and the grooves darkened with a black patina.

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