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Sterling silver ring with rustic sea turtles and hammered patterning

Sterling silver ring with rustic sea turtles and hammered patterning

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Rustic, serene, and bringing peace from the vast open sea, this sterling silver ring was handcrafted to reflect light from the crests of the hammered ripples while the dark patina represents the mysterious solitude of the deep troughs between the waves where the horizon becomes lost a water calm. Under the waters, swims one of the ocean's most majestic animals, the sea turtle, which according to seafaring legends, will bring safe passage, endurance, and strength in the journeys ahead.

As shown, the ring is a size 7, but can be ordered in any size by entering your ring size or finger circumference in the notes during check out.

A flat sterling silver band was cut .3 inches wide from 18 gauge sterling silver with a precision bench shear, stamped with the sea turtles, and hammered over a steel ring mandrel to form the ring using a nylon mallet. The ends were perfectly aligned and joined with at the seam with sterling silver solder and an hydrogen welder that uses a small 5000F to both solder and fuse the joint together with minimal oxidation. By perfectly aligning the ends, while following the soldering process with a meticulous filing and polishing, the seam becomes almost invisible. After forming the ring shape by pounding the soldered band with a nylon mallet on a steel shank, the hammered waves are then added as a final step, since further hammering will actually expand the ring to the final and correct size. To complete the ocean turtle theme, a patina was brushed into the troughs and turtle outlines to increase contrast, the edges filed smooth, and the finished ring gently polished with a series of polishing cloths.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome.

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