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Sterling Silver Feather Wrap Ring with Malachite Stone

Sterling Silver Feather Wrap Ring with Malachite Stone

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Combining an artisan handcrafted feather ring with an earthy grounded Malachite stone, this sterling silver ring floats along a somewhat unpredictable path through a unique combination of common elements assembled in an unlikely design.

► Crafted as an adjustable ring for easy adaptation to many ring sizes, the ring can be ordered as shown, however you can also order your ring in any custom size or even personalized with engraved or stamped text in place of the chased lines in the feather design.

►To request your ring in specific size or customizations, simply enter your requests in the personalizations box.

►The genuine Malachite stone measures approximately 8 mm and the feather measures ½ inch average width.

►Placed over a steel mandrel, worked into wrap ring with a nylon hammer, and finished with patina enhanced fine grooves to represent the feathers and details, the ring balances the glow of natural brushed sterling silver with carefully placed design elements.

►Sawed entirely by hand using a very fine frame saw and freehand outline drawn on a flat band of 18 gauge sterling silver, each feather shape is individually crafted from start to finish, thereby producing a one of a kind final piece.


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