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Sterling silver guitar pick key chain with I pick you

Sterling silver guitar pick key chain with I pick you

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My aluminum I Pick You guitar pick keychain is handmade for those special moments when you're stranded in your car or stuck in traffic and need to break out the guitar for a little energy release. Custom cut from 18 gauge aluminum in our studio, the pick features the same filed edges and smooth surfaces as our standard guitar picks. The I Pick You was stamped one letter at a time with metal stamps and treated with a dark patina to add contrast to the lettering. Burnished aluminum brings out the natural metallic shine of aluminum with preservation of the grain structure, while still producing a slick surface for a perfect glide.

The guitar pick is similar in size to a standard plastic pick, 1.3 inches long by 1.2 inches wide and comes attached to a key ring and chain. You can also personalize your guitar pick with additional text or names by entering any requests in the notes section during check out.


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