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Zodiac sign sterling silver guitar pick necklace series

Zodiac sign sterling silver guitar pick necklace series

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Zodiac Sign

Combining the silver glow of polished sterling with a handmade zodiac cut out, this guitar pick pendant rock outs with your choice of personalized horoscope signs. The guitar pick was cut from 18 gauge sterling silver and features hand filed edges with polished surfaces for a perfect glide over metal guitar strings. The zodiac cut outs are produced by punching or drilling a small pilot hole, feeding a blade through the pilot hole, and sawing out the intricate details in the zodiac sign. As an example, this guitar pick has a cancer cut out with a satin finish.

Measuring 1.3 inches by 1.2 inches wide, this sterling silver pick is my own unique design that is similar in geometry and dimensions to a standard large plastic pick. In addition to a zodiac cut out, you may personalize your pendant with additional stamp work, text, initials, names or birthdays. The guitar pick comes with a silver colored stainless steel ball chain, however if you would prefer a different look, I also have a copper ball chain or black Greek leather cord with adjustable slip knots. To select a different chain, simple enter your preference in the check out notes.

Polished with a series of silicon buffing wheels, my burnish finish is perfectly smooth while revealing a satin silver radiance. I can also offer this guitar pick in a very high shine near mirror finish. You may also use this listing to create your own personalized guitar pick with a special cut out or design, by simply entering your requests in the notes to seller section during check out. I also welcome custom orders for guitar picks and guitar pick jewelry in any size, shape, thickness, metal, and style with your choice. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or special requests. Thanks.. Nici

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