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Sterling silver anchor wrap ring

Sterling silver anchor wrap ring

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Sawed by hand from 18 gauge sterling silver, this anchor wrap ring is my own design featuring a ring, fluke, and cross stock. The flat anchor band was placed diagonally over a wooden bracelet mandrel and hammered into a perfect ring shape with a nylon mallet. For a comfortable fit, the edges have been filed smooth by hand and sterling silver surfaces burnished with a wire brush to reveal a silver metallic glow while also giving the ring a rustic appearance. Finally, I refuse to sink was stamped one letter at a time in a small bold block font on the shaft.

The ring measures about 1 inch long and comes in a ring size 7, however you can order the ring in any size with personalized stamping such as initials, text, or words by entering your requests in the notes to seller section during check out. Bypass rings are somewhat adjustable by simply bending the metal, however I recommend ordering the ring in the proper size for the best possible fit.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need some assistance with sizing. I also welcome custom orders for rings in all shapes, sizes, metals, and designs. Thanks.. Nici

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