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Sterling Silver Ring Necklace with Music Pattern in Rustic Patina

Sterling Silver Ring Necklace with Music Pattern in Rustic Patina

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Building to a harmonious crescendo of blended stylistic designs, this sterling silver handmade ring necklace combines a concave anticlastic form with an imprinted musical pattern and rustic patina elegantly suspended from a black leather cord tied using slip knots for a touch of southwestern flair and easy adjustment.

The ring was crafted by cutting a flat band of solid 18 gauge sterling silver 15mm wide from a sheet of sterling silver on bench shear, hammering the flat band on steel impression to produce the musical pattern, and then forming into a loosely round ring shape by carefully tapping with a nylon mallet. When the ends are perfectly aligned, a seam is created using sterling silver solder heated with an acetylene welding torch. After completing the basic ring, both sides are hammered with a dapping ball of a slightly larger diameter than the ring in order to flare the edges outward and produce the anticlastic concave shape. Rigorous filing produces a nearly invisible seam and smooths the hammered edges. To emphasize handmade artistry and capture the allure of antique jewelry, a patina bath rapidly aged and oxidized the sterling silver to intermix complex shading a varied silver hues.

As photographed, the ring is show in a size 8, 15mm width, and features a black leather cord with adjustable slip knots for unisex appeal. Custom requests to suit personal and specific tastes such as a sterling silver link chain, polished finish, varied sizing, or different patterns are always welcome.

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