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Tapered Sterling Silver Toe Ring handcrafted custom design

Tapered Sterling Silver Toe Ring handcrafted custom design

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Handcrafted as a foray into toe art, this sterling silver toe ring creates a bold statement of stylish eloquence with a unique taper from 4 mm in the center down to 2 mm on the ends with artisan styling that can only be captured using impromptu inspiration without a plan or guide to follow.

While most toe rings are formed from pre-cut flat stock, this toe ring was cut from a flat sheet of 16 gauge sterling silver and is our very own unique one of kind design that can be ordered with a personalized fit or custom ordered with stamped text, engraving, or a hammered texture. Once the ring shape is custom cut from a flat sheet, the tapered strip is then placed over a steel mandrel and tapped into a perfect ring using a nylon mallet. The ends have been rounded and filed for both a comfortable fit and classy aesthetics.

As photographed, the ring is a standard medium sized adjustable toe ring with hand-polished directional finish.


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